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Hey, guys, I am writing this in search of a small bit of info I havenīt been able to find. Everything I say in this post is based on outdated information, so it is probably wrong/innacurate by now.

Way back in 2011, it was said that SWTOR would be "very profitable" if it managed to hit 500k active subs. This was said in answer to a question if the dev expected Tor to dethrone WoW.

As far as I know, SWTOR had a peak of 2,5 million active subscriptions, and then this number started to dwindle rapidly, as more and more players finished the calss storylines.

Question is: how many active subscriptions TOR has today? I think it must be 300k tops, otherwise a transition to F2P wouldnīt be implemented so quickly. Also, is the number of subs finally stable? Or it still continues to drop?

Anyone knows the answer?
When the cartel market was introduced success of this game no longer is determined by the number of subscribers, but the amount each subscriber pays out.

This is a much better business model because you can probably expect to get a whole year of subscription in one month from purchases from the Cartel Market, than having to wait each month to collect subscription fees. That is if people are willing to spend that amount, which some do. Following the F2P release of Swtor, we can see that EA stock rose up to 20-25% of its value in Oct of 2012. Is this a coincidence that the stock rose after the Cartel Market release? I don't think so.

Currently majority of video game stocks are going down and that's probably has something to do with the shooting last Friday in the elementary school. So don't look at EA stocks now and think that "oh the stock is going down and it must be because everyone is unsubbing from the Makeb expansion". I mean that could also be the reason, but who knows for sure. Law makers are looking at video games as a source or contributor of gun violence. Sigh... the market can be so unpredictable and predictable at time...

Anyway if you really want to get their figures then you should probably look at their most recent quarterly financial statements.