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Shield rating is a stat that you find on gear, just like power, alacrity, Willpower, Endurance, etc. You're not going to see it in appreciable amounts until you hit your mid-30s, which is why I'm guessing you have no idea what it is.

The item rating of your shield is not the same as shield rating. The item rating on your shield only affects the amount of Tech or Force Power provided; regardless of item rating, shields all have the exact same default shield chance (5%) and default absorb value (20%). Shield rating, which can be found on pretty much anything and everything, except for bracers and belt, is a stat that increases your chance to shield (for moddable gear, it's only present on your Enhancements).

When referring to the ratings, if you're curious how much you have, just hover your cursor over the relevant chance in your Character Sheet tab; you'll see a breakdown of the various contributions to the stat (rating, buffs, baseline). You can do the same to any of the relevant entries on your character tab.
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