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Wow. There's some serious fan-girling going on in this thread.

Rather than argue all day about an awful character and poorly-thought out writing and numerous plot holes, I will just say this.

Quinn is poop.
True. I am a total Quinn fan girl. I don't think he's an awful character at all, but evil character yes! Empire side! Bad people! I'm not about to humanize the evil empire like everyone else on the forums. Quinn's betrayal is one of the things that makes the whole Warrior storyline one of the better ones. As for the romance, who cares! I'll head canon it. Plus to be fair his romance was all go away, not professional, I'm here to do a job and avoiding your advances. He finally succumbs, so yeah, I don't think it was part of the master plan, though a case could be made for it. Plot holes abound, but they do in all the stories. Yeah, fan girl.