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Raining Rage

Vette was understandably pissed when Quinn showed his face four months after leaving. She was even more so pissed when she found out Jaesa was the one who blabbed Ald’s location. Who the hell did she think she was? She had no right to interfere, no matter how apologetic that stupid son of a b*tch made himself out to be. He wasn’t a victim, he was the perpetrator and a failure at that.

Vette raged for days after Quinn’s return to the ship. It was sudden and disruptive. They had a routine down and now he was back to muck it up and boss everyone around like he owned the place. She’d just as soon stick a knife in him, but, for Ald, she refrained. It was the only thing that saved him those first few tense weeks. She wanted him off the ship and out of their lives. Things were fine now. Things were better than fine and he had no spot in any of this. But Ald. Damn him. For all his silliness, his mercy, his kind nature, he was stupid. He was stupid as hell and he was ruining things. It would never end. Quinn would just do this again, she knew he would. There wasn’t a consequence for his actions. Ald forgave him, patted him on the butt when he left and told him to come back when he was ready, and was more than happy to take him back without so much as a raised voice, an arched brow, anything! It frustrated her beyond measure.

When she encountered that son of a b*tch alone in the med bay one morning, it took all she had to keep from blasting him to the void and back. He was taking inventory for the fifth damn time this week. How much did one ship need? If she thought about it, they needed a lot. Between Pierce’s bombs and Broonmark’s need to stab things – that didn’t matter right now. What mattered was that she was angry and damn him if he got upset that she was interrupting his inventory. She knocked on the doorframe harder than necessary and was mildly surprised when Quinn turned around without grumbling. He was expecting her. Bastard.

“I’m not talking to Ald until you leave,” Vette said firmly.

“That is between the two of you. Do not involve me in this squabble,” Quinn said stiffly. He slipped his datapad into his pocket, leaned against the counter, and crossed his arms.

“You are involved!” she spat angrily. “You’re right in the kriffin’ middle of it!”

“Lord Aldrdinar has clearly drawn the line between us,” he said grimly. “There is nothing there. Continue as you have been.”

“That’s funny, because as soon as you boarded the ship, Ald sat me down. We had a nice long talk about our future together and – get this – there isn’t one!”

“This doesn’t involve me in the slightest, Vette.”

“It does so stop denying it! You ran once, you should run again. Things will go back to normal without you here. Until then, I’m not talking to Ald.”

“I’m not sure why you’re telling me this,” Quinn said stiffly.

“Because you care about him even if you are a twit and me not talking to him is going to bother him and, in turn, bother you. Two birds, one stone,” Vette spat viciously.

Quinn had to admit that a vindictive Vette was an interesting and cunning Vette, but going through Ald to get to him seemed needless and messy. On the other hand, attacking him through Ald wouldn’t be interpreted as a direct attack and was, therefore, unpunishable. He felt the need to applaud her and he did so, slowly.

“A most wonderful plan,” he said blandly. “I’m surprised you thought of it.”

“F**k you, Quinn.”

“Oh, I do believe I already am in such a state, but thank you for the well-wishing. Now, if you are done being a brat, I have things to do.”

He didn’t wait for her to respond, he simply straightened his stance and turned around. She was dismissed and she knew it, but he didn’t have the right to dismiss her. She left before her trigger finger got too itchy. It didn’t matter, she had drawn the battle lines, even informed him of it. It would eat at him and, eventually and for Ald’s sake, he would leave and things would go back to how they were when the bastard left the first time.
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