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Yeah, I don't recall it either - I've actually got that book. Lusankya literally tearing Coruscant a new one? Hell yeah. But that bring me to the next argument:

Not true. During the Lusankya's escape from Coruscant it traded fire with a Golan battle station - which managed to hold its own without taking any noteworthy damage. The Lusankya ended up jettisoning its repulsor berth to create a shield for its escape.

If a single Golan can hold its own against a Executor-Class, the Spear doesn't really have a chance.

It would take a huge undertaking to infiltrate the GE's capital like that unnoticed, and they'd need incredibly high clearance. Plus I don't think it's a simple on/off switch.

The point is it's going to be a lot more difficult then I think you've given it credit for, which is bound to happen when you're summarizing tactical details, but I felt it worth pointing out.
Well that depend on whether you believe a SSD can pack more of a punch than the Spear, IMO the spear does better. Even though the SSD has way more batteries, they can't all be brought to bear at once. Whereas the spears batteries are fuelled by the force, and fire precise, combined, singular shots that can tear capital ships apart. With a little help the Spear would make short for of the Golans.

But yes, you do make a fair point. It is a complex process, but I do believe the SE has the power to disable the planetary sheilds. And there probably is an on/off switch (or something similar), after all Shae Vizla managed to disable the entire defense grid. After all nothings blaster-proof.