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Oh lord, what crazy weapon have the EU writers conjured up this time....*searches Wookieepedia*....oh not to bad, just like a heavily armed space station. However I also discovered that Coruscant has a four-tiered defence system, so this seems a good a chance as any to see how the SE could win this fight, as too kill Sidious they would have to get past them.

1st Tier: Space mines - these can be deactivated from below, an infiltrator or a brainwashed member of the GE could easily achieve this (e.g. Mara Jade) However I'm not sure these existed until the New Republic era as they are only present in the Battle of Coruscant and the Lusankya managed to escape Coruscant without encountering them - despite it being under the control of the Rebel Alliance.
Yeah, I don't recall it either - I've actually got that book. Lusankya literally tearing Coruscant a new one? Hell yeah. But that bring me to the next argument:

2nd Tier: Golan Defense Platforms - which you spoke of. But I'm afraid they wouldn't last long against the Spear as they seem to be only equal/slightly stronger than an SD. Still it delays the bombardment on the Imperial Palace a little while longer. Allowing more time for Sidious to get to safety and/or for the ambush to arrive.
Not true. During the Lusankya's escape from Coruscant it traded fire with a Golan battle station - which managed to hold its own without taking any noteworthy damage. The Lusankya ended up jettisoning its repulsor berth to create a shield for its escape.

If a single Golan can hold its own against a Executor-Class, the Spear doesn't really have a chance.

3rd Tier: Planetary shield - can be deactivated much like during the Sacking or Coruscant again by an infiltrator or one of the GE's own.

4th Tier: Turbolasers - inconsequential seeing as the SE won't enter the planetary atmosphere.
It would take a huge undertaking to infiltrate the GE's capital like that unnoticed, and they'd need incredibly high clearance. Plus I don't think it's a simple on/off switch.

The point is it's going to be a lot more difficult then I think you've given it credit for, which is bound to happen when you're summarizing tactical details, but I felt it worth pointing out.
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