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Just a thought here.

From simple math, wasn't MoP like 39.99? Plus, a lot of popular gamers quit after 2 days of crazy grinding.
SWTOR expansion pack is 9.99 (19.99 for f2p) and I mean "More Information Coming in the Later Months"

If you hate the game so much, how can you still post here? (You have to be a sub)

You honestly can't ask so much from the Devs. They had 2 Million Sales and 2 Million Likes on Facebook...That's no simple achievement...
I bought MoP for 29.99 and that came with 30 days of game time, raid, multiple instances, new zone, new class, new race, new pets, new quests, new story, new mounts, new zone.

RotHC is 19.99, does NOT come with 30 days of game, nor any of the other stuff. All it comes with is the planet and 5 levels.