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12.19.2012 , 11:54 PM | #216
If Makeb is as big as their larger planets, then it's probably a little smaller than most expansions from other MMOs out there, in terms of the overall size of the new leveling areas. That said, it's only about half the price of an average expansion, so it doesn't have to be as large.

Things this x-pack still lacks, based on the info we have right now:

- new PvP content (be that a new instanced warzone, or something in the open world)
- new group content (either a couple of Flashpoints, or a single new Operation, would be enough I think)
- a new tier of end-game gear obtainable from these new dungeon(s)
- at least one new playable race (included in the x-pack, not just added to the cash shop)
- new legacy perks for higher legacy levels (they are long overdue)

Even with all that in addition to what's been announced, this expansion would only offer roughly half the content of a typical WoW expansion (which is usually 10 new levels, multiple raids and dungeons, multiple new races, something for PvPers, and then some smaller goodies to top it off.) Since WoW expansions are $40.00, then offering roughly half of that will make Rise of the Hutt Cartel a decent $20.00 value.

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