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12.19.2012 , 10:58 PM | #211
You know whats funny its not even these boards, after an expansion is announced released, its worst on the wow forums, yet people keep playing.

When one is announce people complain about the price, the content, what ever, yet they still play like all you are.

Its a Expansion because they want ti to be its going to be fun from what they have just said, and we dont know the whole story yet, we still have a few months til "spring" hits and thats march to june, in a calander year or april to july is a finacial calender also know aa "Q1". So we have time. Its 10 bucks for a sub even after launch and 20 for a f2p member, which is fair, look at other expansions like wow, $40 bucks for theirs, and yes it agives a bit more but again we dont know everything yet.

And most of their planets are bigger then most of the areas i have ever played in wow, zones no.
its been a year and they are realeasing a expansiopns thats pretty good ether way.
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