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12.19.2012 , 10:57 PM | #1470
I tried calling them back another incompetent on the phone who tried to "escalate" my call to a higher tier of CS. I was put on hold for over 2 hours. THEN...I was disconnected/hung up on.

So, I called them right back. This time, I got a nice young guy who apologized profusely for Bioware's lousy handling of the situation.

He couldn't fix the problem (it is above his level), but he did admit the following:

1. Bioware is aware it is THEIR problem. He apologized that they tend to blame their customers for issues they are having on their end.

2. Bioware is NOT giving any information about when it will be fixed or even what is really causing it (other than that it is an issue linked originally to the Cartel market that has somehow gotten worse and that billing and security are the ones who have to work on it)...The CS staff isn't getting more information, but they are the ones catching most of the hell for it.

3. There is an issue with their phone system now, too. Instead of coming on and telling the waiting caller that the billing office is closed for the day, it just eventually cuts the call off. They are aware of the problem, but haven't fixed that, yet, either.

4. They are experiencing a HUGE call volume just for this one issue. It's far worse than it looks on this forum, according to the staffer I spoke with.

So, he was told that they are trying to fix it, but as of now...there's not really a "permanent" fix. It is likely to happen again, even if you get lucky enough to get it fixed somehow now.

I was advised to try to be patient and to call back in the morning...