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I find it odd that nothing has been announced myself. The fact that everyone is keeping their mouths shut on the date just means they don't want to deal with the community due to the fail that was the first and second Live Stream. Considering everything in the new Add-on Hutt Cartel stuff was announced months ago. Oh and it was supposed to be free to subs, and it was supposed to be out before the end of the year. And what ever happened to the Cathar? The Devs may be trying but they don't seem to be trying hard enough to communicate with us as the community or as the players.
I am getting kinda annoyed at the fact that this continues to happen. Before this game I could swear by the Bioware name. I have played everything they have made. I loved every game. This one is good, but no where near what Bioware can do. Part of me wants to blame EA because they don't want people like me going to the Cantina Tour, because I know the Star Wars lore and history almost better than Lucas himself. They don't want the hard questions asked. They don't want to have the facts slapped back in their face. I know I have posted supporting this game. That wont change, but I will not let something I love turn into EA's new money machine. EA has no idea how to run an MMO. Even though we all know EA bought Bioware because of the success of the KOTOR games and the reinvention of the Star Wars universe.
I am tired of not being heard as a player and a supporter of this game. The live streams were bogus and pointless. We learned nothing about the game or what is to come. Even those that got to ask questions were in both the first and the second. Which I find a little off. If I where to ask a question like, "When is The Hutt Cartel coming out?", all I would get for an answer is that it will be out soon. Or in the spring. I want a date! Not some bogus time frame that can be changed at a whim of the devs.
I understand programing can be complicated, I am a programer myself. So with as many people that work for the company... (EA and Bioware) which is a lot, why is it that somethings aren't getting fixed? Things that I know were reported in BETA?
As a sub I want more for my money. I shouldn't have to pay 30 bucks for a sub card and then add money to my account to help me get stuff I need for my characters to keep up with the F2P players that have bought a bunch of amazing gear on their characters.
Back to the point. I want a date within the next week and if I don't get one I will be mailing EA and Bioware. The fact that we are not being listened to as players there is an issue. Without us there is no game. We have stuck with this game since the beginning. Some of us bought the Collectors edition, others bought the game then the digital version just to get the extra stuff. We have supported and kept this game running. Yet we aren't getting answers nor are we getting feedback. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!
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