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While I doubt they can participate in this, I'd say the remnents of the Jedi Order would likely be more apt to side with Sideous, particularly when word got out about the Sith Emperor wanting to have a galaxy-wide human sacrifice to elevate himself to "godhood..."

Palpatine was interested in power, but Palpatine also considered power to be irrelevent if all his subjects were too dead to serve him...

I think this would be decided in space, and the GE clearly has the advantage in space due to TIE Defenders, Imperial-II Star Destroyers, Super Star Destroyers, etc.

Most starfighters in both the SE and GE lacked shields, TIE Defenders had shields and could target more than one thing at a time, was also more maneuverable than a TIE Interceptor.

If you win in the space battles you can always potentially resort to orbital bombardment.