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Ok so here's what im getting out of all this info that has been posted.

The fact they want the id has nothing to do with paypal or your credit card company at all. They are using the id to verify the name and are taking the security measure off your account. They are not fixing the actual problem just working around it by disabling the security feature. They do not need our id's to do this they could do it over phone with confirming security questions.I found it funny when i was told that they needed my id so they could contact paypal to resolve the issue when the purchase was not getting rejected by paypal but bioware themselves. There must be an issue in there system that triggers the security feature but does not trigger the timer and release date. They are at least admitting to their mistake now but still no idea when it will be fixed. I still am puzzled by the fact that something like this could go on for so long considering its nature.
I can confirm that they dont need your ID to fix this, just the security questions. It seems to depend on who you get, I certainly wont be sending them scans of anything.