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Quote: Originally Posted by Stradlin View Post
You are describing a content patch.

Nothing told so far even suggests there would be some apparent valid reason to increase lvl cap whatsoever. With one highly significant exception; increasing lvl cap forces people who have any interest in dealing with a lvl cap content to buy this..this " expansion" Based on all that has been said and done so far, this is only reason why cap is increased. Otherwise people might simply skip this.

No mention of Flashpoints or new Ops.
No mention of a single new game feature or tweak.

You do realize that it was just announced, and more info is likely on the way over the next few months. You expect them to announce everything they have planned the same day it's announced?

I have no issue paying for expansions in addition to having to pay a sub fee. Out of non dysfunctional MMOs, only Eve Online has approach more fair to consumers.
I have huge issue with EA forcing me to buy seeminhly irrelevant, unnecessary additional planet by bringing completely artifical, ill justified lvl cap increase with it.

New expansion. Lvl cap increase.
NO mention of new lvl cap content.
So by your logic MoP is a content patch and not a expansion right?
It had a whole new zone to explore, 5 new levels. kinda just like SWTOR....
we might very well be getting a new WZ, OP, even a new race. simple fact is we don't know yet, a sadder fact is they could give us 10 levels, 2 new races, 2 new classes with stories, and people would still be whining on these boards that what they see isnt good enough.

Give time for more information to come to us before hitting the boards with meaningless speculation,
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