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but in the movies, the Imperials are right in both cases, prequel and later, the the whole war is caused by the jedis need to eradicate the sith (not the other way around mind you), the whole war was fought and lost by that case alone, very lame imo since the jedi code is a lie and the sith code is something we deal with on a day to day basis in the real world...
As far as the Jedi knew, the Sith had been extinct for a thousand years.
When they finally revealed themselves, the Jedi didn't go hunting them down. They didn't know where to start searching for one thing. The Jedi didn't start the Clone Wars. Sidious' manipulations of the Senate and creating and directing the Confederacy of Independent Systems started the war, thwarting the Jedi's best efforts in promoting diplomacy and trying to prevent war.

The Jedi have never had a "need" to eradicate the Sith, only in stopping their plans for conquest and total domination. Until Bane's Rule of Two, the Sith had usually done a good job of inadvertently assisting the Jedi & Republic in this. Usually with their typical selfishness and backstabbing.

Whenever the Sith have presented as a clear and present danger to the Republic, then the Jedi have reacted.

The Sith code is not something we deal with day to day. It's all about surrendering to one's emotions, to let them sway you and your choices toward becoming "superior" to all others and making them subservient to your bidding. It's entirely about you and no one else.

The Jedi code isn't a lie. If anything it's a far better guideline for living one's life as part of civilisation.
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