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12.19.2012 , 07:53 PM | #7
"Rating" doesn't quite work that way unfortunately. I am presuming you're referring to the (126) number in the item description (as an example).

Item level is based on the item itself, the name of the item. Tier is then assigned based on the item level.

Rating can fluctuate.

For example, you can have a green armor chest at rating 26 (I'm using made up examples). If you RE that crafted Green chest and get a blue schem, the rating jumps up to 32 (I think that's the gap, could be wrong) but the level that it can be used stays the same. Then you RE it to purple, and the rating jumps to 38 (again, an example, not sure on the gap). However, it's possible you could get a different green chest with a rating of 38 with a higher level than the purple chest with a rating of 38.

At this point it's possible that the green/purple chests (different items in game) with the same rating of (38) could fall in different tier levels.