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Been there as well, that's why I never use the gf for kp. The headache and frustration aren't worth the bh comms.
Thanks for reminding me why I don't tank for non-guildies. I offer my kudos to the OP for his gentlemanly behavior and to all the posts to this thread I salute you sirs. I ran so much group finder that I got burned out from the same antics. Voice over group is so useful and should be part of this game. I can tank dumb but I can't fix stupid. I am all for helping newplayers out. But I am burned, and I decided to talk with my guildmaster and told him I am burned from raiding. That I have no interest in it anymore, so I retired as a guild main tank. Yeah, I am burned for tanking for guildmembers. That might be considered a new one. Before the replys come, I will put a disclaimer. I really like the people in my guild its just I have tanked too much for them. Been through all content too much to help the newest 50's get their feet wet.
It isn't rage quiting- I guess I would call it passive quiting.
DPS is skill, Healing is art and Tanking is strategy.
Know the pull before hand.