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12.19.2012 , 06:20 PM | #2428
@Eversteam, Welcome to the thread! I just started posting, myself. And it does get easier. Though waiting for responses about your work is nervewracking as ever.

@Striges, Only 12 refreshes an hour? Try twice that! I swear, the number of views that must result from people like us!

@Ephemera, Keeper's VA is fantastic. It's part of why I love having an agent. And Warrior/Agent pairings are indeed amazing.

@Fino, The Quinn/Vette was pure gold. It's making me want to roll a second warrior just for Vette! As for that last story, did Aldrdinar slip truth serum in Quinn's tea? (I've been reading Quick Quinn Quotes :P)
"Amor omnibus idem" - "Love is the same for all"