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Yet Blizzard released Outland, which is not much bigger (and may even be smaller) than some of the planets and THAT was OK? I heard no whining about that. How about WotLK, which offered Northrend? That wasn't much bigger.
I can tell you why you didn't hear any whining about that. Because what you are saying is not even close to be true. An average TOR planet is something like 1-1.5 of an average WoW zone of any expansion. BC had 7 such zones, WotLK had 8.
Next time, get your facts straight before posting please.

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Good to hear thanks.

To everyone that played WoW, think of Makeb like "Northrend" or "Pandaria". If there is as much to do on Makeb as there was on those two continents in WoW, then this is definately an expansion (plus we have 5 levels).
Don't know about you, but i can't think of Tatooine or Corellia alone like of an entire continent, which consists of 7-8 zones being equal to at least 5-6 TOR planets.

In general, i was expecting to see something like what the community manager said in this thread, so not shocked or surprised. But still disappointed. Oh well, i knew what sort of company i'm dealing with.