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Furthermore, have a short. That may or may not be set on a Thursday? No staff involved.

BABY DOC finds BABY ZENITH perched on the kitchen counter. BABY ZENITH is slouched over his big toy sniper rifle, looking morose.
BABY DOC: Uh, hi, scary man.
BABY DOC: I heard you were big on shooting Imps, huh?
BABY DOC: But you're…not shooting them.
BABY ZENITH: I'm nursing my hatred. You have to pace yourself with this stuff.
BABY DOC: Hatred, huh?
BABY DOC, worried, goes up on tiptoe to examine BABY ZENITH'S temples and any other place Sith corruption might show up.
BABY DOC: You're not, uh, Sithy, are you?
BABY ZENITH: Sith are amateurs.
BABY DOC: Oh. Uh. See, I had this idea, where we run around liberating Forced Companions together, right? And then I go make sure the ladies are okay, and you, you know, whatever. Sound fair?
BABY ZENITH: Was there some part of that where you're contributing? Because if there is, I didn't hear it.
BABY DOC: Making sure the ladies are okay. This is important.
BABY ZENITH: Doc, half the so-called ladies of this daycare center are Imps. That seem right to you?
BABY DOC: I have no problems with that.
BABY ZENITH: You wouldn't.
BABY DOC: So is that a yes? To the liberating?
BABY ZENITH: Maybe later. You try hugging the Imp 'ladies,' I shoot darts at all the Imp guys, we'll have this place completely cleared of their kind by snack time.
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