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What needs to happen is something with the RNG. You spend 1 hour to get a chance at Advanced Neural Augmentors (either 2 or 3) and what I been finding is sad. Over the last two days, I been sending out 3 companions per hour and after 14 hours each day gotten a total of 11 for the two days. Only reason yesterday was slightly better was 4 came from missions and 3 because someone forgot a 0 on the GTN and I purchased them for 3308 credits.

Thats really discouraging that I waste 28 hours of RL and game time just to get 8 technically from the missions. The time should be lowered slightly or chances increased the more you go without getting 1. The data modules honestly i make more money selling to the vendor because there so many of them on the broker, you can't even give them away.
Meanwhile I send out three companions on one character overnight every few nights and I get five ANAs from three missions each time. What is the point? Come back when you have a sufficient sample size - I'm talking hundreds if not thousands of mission results - before you state that the system is broken.