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L+5 months
D'awww the cuteness of how glad they were to see each other.

L+6 months
A Wynston version of a love letter! Whoa. Progress.

L+13m pt 2
Wynston and Cole omgadorable. And why Wynston likes babies is very him. And him contemplating love...<heart thump>. Argh, adorableness in spades!

I love that Ruth keeps insisting on Wynston as Wynston, instead of Wynston as whoever-he-needs-to-be. The fact that this makes him uncomfortable is amusing

Uuuuuugh the Emperor is so revolting. Blech blech blech. Vector is just <3

Awww, Watcher 3

But then.... the ILY????? OMG. Wynston, you developing character you! And yay for Ruth getting nice things!!!!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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