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We can not really assess the "size" as small yet. There is a 5 level increase. If you look at expansions for WoW that were 5 levels (Cata and MoP) there was A LOT to do for those 5 levels. If there is a similar amount to do for Makeb (and 5 levels) then at $20 EAware is delivering more for less (New WoW expansions are usually $40). If for some reason the don't have much to do and we just burn through 5 levels pretty fast then I would say its a small expansion. But, right now, it is too soon to tell.
Definitely agree. There could be even more that we're getting for the $10. But a large planet, 5 more levels w/ more talent trees and skill points, more fully voiced story. Even if there's nothing other than these things it's worth $10 IMO.