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Tried to stay away from my own thread b/c it is somewhat of a nerco from a few months back, but since it has new life....

I'll state it again grade 6 Slicing mats still need a buff on the timer, the return percentage, or the materials required to craft augments. It is so bad, I actually gave up on trying for them for the most part. I still do the grade 6 lockbox missions only because I now have a UT/INV alt to use the missions returned. I also have seen that the drop rate for GRD 5 purples is pretty good. So I carved out another niche in the market selling purple quality augments for levels 37 & 41. I make around 230% profit on those and can't make them as fast as they are selling. There is virtually no competition for lower level augs especially purple quality ones, but their level is high enough for buyers to have credits to spend, or its an alt and they can afford the luxury.

It means I don't really have to farm dailies anymore, besides for the comms...

I still feel they should drop the mats required to craft certain items to 2EA like with other LvL 49 purple quality items(not any raid stuff).
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