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Hey guys and gals...

I'd like to join your guild and help it grow. I applied at your website, and will try to make contact in game as well. Currently I have a level 50 Lightning Sorc that is in a mix of Columi/Rakata gear. I have done EV and KP Story and Hardmode, but that is it. I stopped playing in Feb, and just recently started back up. I think as long as you continue to raid in the evenings I can meet any schedule... I work Tues, Fri, and Sat 6am to 8pm est and usually get home around 9pm est.... Looking forward to speaking with you all in game...

Welcomed aboard Molrune!

WRIS is currently accepting all level 50 character classes, as well as sub level 50s who are serious about getting atleast one character to level 50!

While we are not an OPs only guild, we are looking to fill some DPS and healer positions. See my sig for my contact info
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