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Quesh Empire side should be the final straw for the cartel. not giving any spoilers, but really they should be pissed at empire and to some extent the republic for how they get treated. Hutts are mafia of star wars and right now they have had to bow or die to both factions. it is time to start going on the war path. would love to see a neutral class choice spawn from this BW!

let me expand on this concept and it's value.:

Smuggler and Bounty Hunters can go neutral but in truth work for the hutts and the Hutt faction. players can visit and play both factions sides and do both factions quest for the Hutts. playing and working both sides to further the Hutt agenda.

The re-playability alone being able to play both sides and do each sides quest as these two classed would be epic!. then you could let the smuggler trade illegal goods from the empire side, like republic gear for empire as well empire could get republic gear. As well the bounty hunters could finally be able to hunt players since they would be able to travel both sides of each faction and the rest would take this game to the a whole new level of Star Wars awesome.

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