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i have seen TOFN seems to not have submitted many photo's so ill give you a few of ours to knock out some of them jedi convenant noobs (i am getting information from an out of date thread ( - Easeyway/Easyway 3000 rating - Kevinorz (forum name Kevinor )2627 - joejel 2338 - Indie (forum name Indieboi) 2212

(all players from TOFN gonna try get an up to date i know warmongers was at 3050 be4 their guild went to guildwars 2) - 59405 kills to the third - forum name captindoom 50655 kills to take fifth and knock bloodcrazed of the list(forum name Theoddones)
No problem with the ratings screenshots, but for the others, if you could please find their names in game instead of their forum names it would be much appreciated. Also, I would like to know what class they play as well, so my information can be complete.

P.S. Also to Xiresh(the guy sitting #1 at the rating right now, I would like to know what server you are from as well, thanks .)
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