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We think players interested in lore are going to really enjoy the story in Rise of the Hutt Cartel, and I'd like to share a few more details – this seemed like a good thread for it!

The people of Makeb have remained neutral in wars between the great political powers in the galaxy. Relying on their wealth, isolation, and an army of mercenaries, the citizens have enjoyed centuries of prosperity. However, in the midst of the current galactic conflict, the Hutt Cartel has recognized the planet as a crucial stepping stone to increase their organization's standing and reclaim the strength of their ancestors’ empire. They've hired Makeb's mercenaries away and have made the citizens prisoners in their own homes, forcing them to reach out to the Republic in a desperate bid for rescue.

The Republic recognizes the Cartel's seizure of Makeb as a bid for galactic power. With victory over the Empire seeming possible for the first time in decades, Supreme Chancellor Saresh is determined to respond to Makeb's request for aid to stop the Cartel before they can become an even greater threat and compromise the Republic’s chance for victory.

Taking advantage of the chaos erupting between the Hutt Cartel and the Republic, the Sith Empire makes their own bold play for the hidden power of Makeb, seizing their chance to regain some of the strength lost to internal struggles and at the hands of the Republic's military resurgence. They plan to outmaneuver all their enemies to usher in a new era of Imperial dominance.

Sweet guess on Makeb ...
How will my Jedi Knight get swept into all this. Do you really need the hero of Tython here?
My Jedi Consular could definitely make an appearance on behalf of the Jedi Council.
If there is profit to be made, my Smuggler would show up anyway.
Looks like Havoc Squad has to put down some Hutts, awesome.
My Sith Warrior represents you know who and if the Jedi knight is there, there should be a confrontation.
If the Sith Empire is intervening, then my Sith Inquisitor will be there to represent, and who knows, might unearth some hidden power.
If the Hutts are hiring mercenaries then they better send a message to my Bounty Hunter.
(Have not completed Imperial Agent yet...)
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