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12.19.2012 , 02:43 PM | #74
I only time joined a group find on my PT tank to do EV SM and *** queued me as DPS instead. I got in the habit of looking at the role check boxes before starting because of this. Turns out 5 of the 8 group members were tanks which was a bit surprising considering how few tanks queue up. I thought about leaving right then but decided to give it a chance. I used my field respec to change to DPS and put on the few pieces of DPS gear I had on me. To my surprise we started blazing through the operation without much hassle.

The most memorable fights there were the pylon fight and council fights. With the pylons, we had one of the tanks d/c while heading there. The one actual DPS and a healer came with me to start clearing up trash while everyone else stood around. One of the tanks at north decided to start us early since he saw some of us at south. 3 tanks and a healer at north, 2 DPS and a healer at south... that was something. I ended up tanking in my DPS spec but we did it, was certainly different. The d/c'ed tank comes back and we continue on.

At the council chamber I thought to myself "This is where we hit a wall" because I didn't think some of the tanks could down the DPS bosses before enraging... but I was wrong, we one shot it. It wasn't much longer before we downed Soa and were done. It was a group with people queued for wrong roles, many were undergeared, and a couple people had never even run it before. It was quite unconventional and had the most potential for rage quitting but I'm glad I stayed because it was one of the most fun and interesting runs I ever had!