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After being contacted by customer service twice with no resolution other than "please create a bug ticket" (which I have done thrice), I've decided to re-created my request. This issue came to surface nearly two weeks ago, and still no fix, despite multiple communications with customer service.

I'll copy and paste the issue as I have done:

"I had completed the mission "Multiple Fronts", I had the required amount of five "Droid Memory Cores", but my mission tracker would not update from "4/5" to "5/5". I logged out and then back in, to find that the tracker for the mission had vanished, but it was still in the quest log. This time with the update of "5/5" (all other objectives were also completed before hand), but it wouldn't move me on to my next objective. I abandoned the obviously bugged/glitched mission (the reset button did not work) to pick it up again, hopefully un-bugged. But now I can not pick up the mission from anywhere, nor any of it's prerequisite missions. I'd very much like to do this story-arch as it is a major one in the Alderaan series, that also leads to the Bonus Series. Hopefully the tech support team can resolve this issue for me.

I've also tried resolving the issue myself with the help from other players, with the method of sharing the mission or it's earlier missions. No luck. "

As previously stated, I have reported the issue as a bug (both via in game ticket, and through e-mail as requested), as well as request an immediate solution to the issue, which I feel has gone ignored. I request an immediate solution to this yet again, as I've fallen victim to an unprecedented bug.

At this point, I'd like to express my dissatisfaction with the service I've received, as well as the speed of which I've received my replies. I've been a huge fan since the development stages, I've been a well paying customer since launch, I've been making large transactions on the Cartel Market and have been a constant subscriber. Due to the amount of credit I've invested into playing this game, I'd have expected to fall back on strong support should any issue arise (such as this). Perhaps I was mistaken, but I duly hope not.

I request that the mission be re-added into my mission log or that it is made able to be picked up again. I feel that this issue was unavoidable and at this stage game-breaking for me. If yet another bug report is required, I'd be inclined to write a full report, detailing any specifics requested.

Thank you for reading, I hope this will be dealt with soon.
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