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The Hutts were a major galactic power in -25 000, and some older tech is surprisingly effective in the SW galaxy

Canonical examples :

-Xim the Despot wardroids (taken as trophies by the Hutts), who used Rakatans devices to be boosted by the dark side of the Force. The said droids were so well-built and so deadly than they were still pefectly operationnal 25 milleniums later when the Hutts activated them to fight the invading Vong-the few dozens left killed, according to a guide, several thousand warriors.

-The Hutts built several planechanga, railguns able to fire asteroids at planets (like Hammer Station, but far worse

-The Hutts apparently built mecha (like in Mech Warrior or some Japanese anime) for warfare, and were fearsome with it

All of this is canonical-not rumors.