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Hi guys

Noob healer here. I've been taking the Force talents in tier 1 of the lightning tree after my first Black Talon run. Then I read the rest of the Sorcerer healing guide (), and now I'm wondering if I should head straight for Resurgence before doing anything else. For questing I could probably throw hotdogs at the mobs and still do fine* so it's more for flashpoints and heroics.

Thanks in advance!
Why did you choose to get the Tier 1 Lightning talents instead of starting with corruption and moving to Lightning after you're done there? Not that you probably won't be able to heal groups and FPs even like that, but you don't really need the extra force at low levels.

As for your question, personally, I went for Efficacious Currents before Resurgence, because I've found that bubbling everyone up helps more than a minor heal, but I guess it's a matter of preference, as long as you get both eventually.

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* Levelled a disc priest in WoW in the days of yore before dual talents, so all talk of how slow levelling a healer in SWTOR is makes me go "PFFFFFFFT! Young people today!"
Trust me, whoever said that has no idea how to play a sorcerer. Leveling is in absolutely no way slower. If anything it's faster. Less downtime for Seething, less deaths, you can solo Heroic 2s and depending on whether you keep Khem geared, some Heroic 4s too. After a while you get your first DPS companion and dpsing mobs is even faster than with Khem.
And don't even get me started on how much faster group finder will find you a group for FPs if you're healing. I've been trying to queue for Black Talon as a DPS with a Powertech I'm leveling and I haven't been able to find a group for 4 days now... My scoundrel healer is laughing her a... off, when GF pops 1min after I queue