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12.19.2012 , 02:13 PM | #23
Can we at LEAST get his LOOT dropped on the first boss then?

We lose out on crafting materials from that mini-boss and kinda shafts people who need those materials (HM and SM). Not asking for much here, just MOVE the loot from the Mini-Boss to the first boss and call it good. Debug and FIX in the next year after that. Going 4-6 weeks w/o loot/materials from the Mini-boss is a little excessive for a bug if you ask me.

OR - since nobody apparently is working bug fixes then DOUBLE the loot drop on this mini-boss in 2013 to make up for the 4-6 weeks of not having that boss in DEC > JAN Fix date. (Just double for the period of time it's hosed to make up for lost time and decrease when done)

OR - Mail everyone that completed this a piece of the loot each week completed. (1 Stabilizer works for me)
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