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12.19.2012 , 01:54 PM | #435
Early on in beta maybe I noticed my comp was slow after I log out of the game. Then it got so I logged off to a blue screen with my icons, sure sign I needed to increase my virtual mem. Did that and the game ran fine all the way to 1.4. After that my game froze for a second but I could still play no crash. ( ram use was like 86%) Then during the same patch my game would crash after the ram use got to high. The "hiccups" or short freezes before it would crash reminded me of this. When SWG came out they listed the min. ram. (way to low) every min. or so the game would "hiccup" as it wrote to the disk. Looks like swtor fails when it trys to do this and the game crashes. I don't know a whole lot about comps so take this with a grain of salt. SWG also had a flush command you could use. I still run xp and its fine for all other games, it was great untill 1.4. I like SWTOR but not enough to upgrade my OS for it when it ran good before 1.4
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