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I wonder if someone ever tried that. Aiming for the e 1st prefix is not bad. Only 3 posiblities at 20%. But the 2nd one, where you already need purple mats to craft them.... damn.....
I've tried with "reward" schematics that start off as blue Base schematics. They're somewhat glitchy at Tier 1 and they tend to require more of all the mats you'd need for something that starts as a green Base item. I've seen some that wind up with purple Tier 1 schematics that have two separate stacks of the appropriate level blue crafting mat and I've seen purple Tier 1 schematics that call for one stack of blue mats and one stack of purple mats, so it's a bit inconsistent. In any event, I sure as hell am not going to try getting a Tier 2 schematic out of an item that requires both blue and purple mats to craft the item, and more of them than they should, just for a 10% chance to get that Tier 2 ... I cringe thinking about what sort of material requirements those would need.
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