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Since F2P launched the quality for subscribers has gone down hill in a big way even my self with tickets being rejected just to get them out of the way with lame template replying or the 5+ day turn around so what went wrong within the support ranks because as a subscriber I am really concerned about my future in this game.

Been a subscriber since early access but this may change if Bioware don't get there act into gear and start looking at treating us in a professional way.
5 days, heh I wish. I put in a ticket on 12/3 because I couldn't see an ops boss to loot it because I died during the fight and he was invisible after combat rezz and I was ops leader with master looter set. The ticket was closed on 12/14 with a template answer telling me to include X,Y and Z information. All of which was in my ticket except for 1 piece of data, what loot we weren't able to get, because the mob was invisible to me so I could not open it to loot it, which was explained in the ticket.

Bioware, you want to know why you are constantly flooded with CS tickets, the above is why. You close tickets that aren't resovled forcing us to create a new one. So for every 1 issue that crops up, you end up with between 2 and 5 tickets submitted for it because you close each ticket each time you respond. We have an update ticket button, so do you, USE IT. You say you need more information on a ticket, respond, leave the ticket open and let us update the same ticket.

The advantages are:
1) It's a more common sense workflow and keeps all the data in 1 location instead of having to look in multiple tickets to get the same info, which should speed resolution by your staff because they have fewer places to look for the info they need for resolution
2) It would significantly reduce your new ticket influx
3) Issues get prioritized properly because you don't have old issues being resubmitted then ending up behind newer ones due to your process
4) Quicker resolution combined with fewer new tickets means you start getting caught up instead of continuing to fall further behind like you are now
5) Increased customer satisfaction due to:
a) less aggrivation with having to make multiple tickets to get 1 issue resolved
b) quicker responses
c) quicker resolution

In these days of corporate staff cutbacks, etc it's important to work smarter, not harder, and right now BW your procedures are doing the exact opposite. Making both your staff and your customers work harder for the same result. It's time to be smarter and make some changes...
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