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I've wondered about the state of reconstructive surgery in this universe. Are scars just this common because it's some kind of fashion statement? Or are we truly unable to fix them because reasons? (This is Star Wars, I wouldn't be surprised.) I'm kind of rolling with 'it would be a lot of expense for an imperfect job because reasons.'
I've always assumed a few things about scars in Star Wars. First that kolto is still a somewhat limited commodity, as such, most non-rich/non-important people would not have access to the quantities that prevent scarring and field hospitals would only use enough to prevent death or loss of something important. Second, wounds not treated immediately will scar unless you want to re-injure the site to have it heal properly, healing properly for major wounds may mean a week or more in a kolto tank. For most of the types we've seen in game with scars (soldiers, agents, jedi, criminals) they either don't want to waste time or can't afford to.

So yeah...scars... reasons... lots of reasons.

Edit because I was thinking of scars when swoon-worthy stuff was posted so: