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12.19.2012 , 01:03 PM | #2
Recruit Earpiece (Mk-2)
+73 willpower
+39 crit
+45 alacrity

Tionese Earpiece
+68 willpower
+40 crit
+40 alacrity

Columi Earpiece
+97 willpower
+41 power
+48 alacrity

Rakata Earpirece
+103 willpower
+44 crit
+51 alacrity

So the Tionese is worse than the recruit. You can get Columi from drops. Rakata from daily comms. The Black Hole earpieces for sages (that you can buy with comms) are terrible. Two are endurance heavy, and the third has accuracy.

If you have plenty of crit already, I'd go for the Columi earpiece. Otherwise, the Rakata isn't that hard to get by doing dailies.