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You are bad. Go away.

Sorcs are perfectly viable for DPS in raids. I've cleared TFB HM and I do 1700 DPS on Writhing Horror and Dread Guard, for example. You can clear any available content with Sorc DPS. They are fine for raiding.
You talk about encounters where you´re able to push your dps through multi-dotting but single target DPS of a sorc is about 1500-1700 MAX (depending on situation and setup and a bit of crit luck btw: TFB Boss 1 and 2 you can do way more than 1700). But you´re right, sorc is fine up until Kephess NiM. Without PT AND a Marauder dps (both 2100++) the sorc is useless and other classes are prefered because even a merc is able to do 1800-1900dps much easier than a sorc can do 1600-1700. To kill kephess NiM you need 7600-8200 SINGLE target raid dps - Sorcs get around 1600 to a MAX of 1680 at that encounter (depends on movement) and if your raid aint got one or two dps classes at 2000+ dps you´ll end up enraged at 10-20%.

You can push your dps with AOE and multi-dotting on every mob (i confess i do that with the dread guard encounter even if it is not recommended). But tbh Sorc is FAR away from "just fine" or "work as intended" because every other class can out-dps you if they can play thier class. Talking about future content you can´t deny the sorc class NEEDS a buff concerning DPS output. If others dont take care of your dps loss you´re lost as a sorc and if the next encounters coming require the same or even more dps to even avoid Enrage at all, sorcs might become even more useless. Mercs can do more AOE damage. Even with a lightning strike build mercs do more AOE than a sorc - thats just a matter of numbers not of skill. You cannot do more than keep your rotation/prio up and have a perfect movement at the encounter. In the end it all comes down to numbers. Considering Inquisitor is the ONLY class using light armor and is pretty much onehit by every boss if you over-aggro, doesn´t have a strong def-cd or anything to protect himself AND dealing the weakest damage of all classes since 1.2 there have to be a dps buff about 35-40%. Make one misstake at any encounter every class deals more damage than you do - do a misstake with marauder or pt or even merc or sniper they still deal more dps than needed - that is just NOT fair at all. Rule #1 for MMO classes - weakest armor and deff, most aggro production must be one of the top DPS/HPS classes - that makes sense pvp/pve and even story wise - take them out quick because they are dangerous.

TLDR: Average 1650-1700 dps might be enough for now if others deal even more than they have to, but end up as the weakest dps class at most encounters (single target-dps is what matters!) , wearing light armor easy to over-aggro a jugg and sometimes even assassins without any real deff-cd is just ridiculous - you work your *** off and do everything perfect but not able to do top dps is just a big design/balance fail.

sorry for my english - lack a bit of practice these days.
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