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Here is a great example of how the *phone customer support* has gone down hill.
In May I had called customer support to remove my authenticator because I left it at a friends house. I was ready with all my security questions and personal info. I spoke to a very personable rep, was very friendly and acted like a normal person. I was told that I would have to fax an ID to them in order to remove the authenticator, since i didn't have the original. I was bummed but was OK with the answer. Now 2 months ago I needed to call because I purchased a new Iphone 5 and had the authenticator on my old phone. This rep you could tell was out sourced, it was also VERY noticeable that the rep was reading from a prescript-ed response( the accent was extremely noticeable but I don't use only that as proof) I mentioned i needed help resetting my authenticator. The rep removed the authenticator on the spot, no security questions, no address, all he asked was my Login name. Then he wanted to talk me through adding the new authenticator. Once logged in I went to to the authenticator page he actually GAVE me the answer to current security question. I know how to add the authenticator myself, but I just kept along with him so I could keep him on the line to make sure the authenticator was added. I'm actually extremely worried about account security now. (BW feel free to go back through your call logged and find it, I'm not exaggerating at all)

The biggest give away that the support reps are outsourced is after every thing you say or asked there is a pre scripted response..... "Oh, yes sir, I understand your problems and will help as best I can" . Something along those lines, but they say it over and over and over again after each time you say something.
If they are using the same CS crew that works supports WAR then we should be very afraid for our account security. A few months ago I decided to give WAR another shot but couldn't remember my password, and when I tried to reset it online it wouldn't let me.

So I got all my info together including game keys and called the hotline. The rep asked my name and address, didn't care for any of the other info including my email address. I expected him to simply send me a link to reset the password, so I was speechless when he told me my log in name and password. All I needed to access my account was info that someone could get from a phone book.