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This is what I run in pvp.
4 piece supercommando for set bonus,supercommando weapon and shield. Everything else is DPS.
30% Damage reduction against AOE's passive,30% damage reduction while stunned.16 seconds of immunity to slows,roots and such every minute plus 30% speed increase.....the survival benefits of the tactics tree for a tank are amazing and a ton more damage output so if some silly mara decides to assault your healer, you CAN put him down. If a single anything tries to take my healer out they end up dead or running away. I DO get focused alot by good players though. It's not uncommon for me to have 3-4 beating on me. This build isn't for everyone it requires a very active and agressive playstyle to maxamize it's benefits.
This looks like it would fit my play style very well if I can survive without Storm. I've been running a PVP Tank Spec in Combat Tech gear which I'll keep equipped while I try it out tonight. I think it will work beautifully, I already have the keybinds remapped in my head. The slow/root resists and stunned damage reductions I think are going to greatly improve my enjoyment in PvP and I've been looking to do some more damage while still get those protection numbers.

EDIT: Do you think taking 2 points in Heavy Stock instead of Re-braced Armor would affect the PvP viability of this build? Also, what is the do you think is the most important out power, surge and crit? The build looks nice with a traited auto-crit and 30% surge bonus so I was thinking stacking power with a balanced amount of surge and crit.

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