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but the PvP ones out weigh the push relics on every single fight other than zorn and toth.
That's not actually true. On Warlord Kephess, the use relics are substantially more useful than the passives specifically because they allow you to leverage increased survivability while you're tanking Kephess and allowing it to recharge when it's not up. The same applies with TfB and Writhing Horror. In *any* fight where there is appreciable tank downtime or variation between high mitigation and low mitigation damage phases, the use relics are actually better because you're getting mitigation when you need it and will find it most useful rather than having it up constantly. The only fight where it's *not* useful and tank survivability is actually a factor is Kephess the Undying, and, for that fight, it doesn't really matter what relic you're using because so much of his damage is F/T based. For every other fight, the use relics actually eke out better survivability (assuming you actually use them, which is one of the reasons why many people don't see great performance out of them; it's like complaining about having bad DPS when you refuse to use one of your big damage attacks).
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