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I was under the impression that 30/50/50 (w/o dark ward) was ideal for sin tanks, but I've read that this is changed with the introduction of dread guard gear.

I've heard some people say 60% for absorb, and others say 70%. Which is it? Where does diminishing returns start to kick in?

I've heard some people say to take shield as low as 40% because of dark ward being up (getting a boost to 60%). Is this true?

Is 30% still ideal for defense chance?

What about relics? I currently use the two PVP constant relics, but I've heard that the dread guard healing relic is BiS for Sin tanks. How should I make up for the stat loss if I do switch to the dread guard relic?

I am a Shadow tank bades around mit.
33.33% def.
66% shield w/ kinetic ward
61% absorb

solet me sum all this up for yah. 30/50/50 was good for generalized rakata gear and such but was made obscelete after dreadguard was introduced. shield rating you cant avoid because its either shield or accuracy and at the moment in current endgame content there is no need for ANY tank to have accuracy. expecialy not shadows.

60% absorb is a good thing to aim for but i would just itemize your gear with a mixture of shield/defence high mitigation enhancements and the high shield/absorb enhancements. all the wile having a mix of the 41 (in the BH varient 44 in the Dread guard varient) defence and the 41 absorb mods. DONT STACK ANY MORE SHIELD THAN WHAT IS IN YOUS ENHANCEMENTS< IMPLANTS AND EARPIECE. your gonna be up to your eyeballs in shield so you dont want any more than the gear actualy gives you. so 45% w/0 KW is a safe mark.

my gear has one fit in the DR for each of the mit stats. i could go a little higher for each but the return wouldnt be substantial. so the DR points are just about where i have my gear with the exception of absorb which could go a fair amout higher but i prefer defence as being the more practical stat (it improves how effective your deflect is.)

as far as relics i use an elite war hero defence relic and the dreadguard healing relic. the healing relic although is not fantastic unless your doing the correct rotation (for more information see Keyboardninja's forum post on shaddow tank optimal rotations) so id recomend 2 of the defence realics and then just a ton of absorb augs across the map.

hope this was helpfull