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The goal of this game is not to allow "care bears" to run around winning warzones to make them feel better about themselves. The game provides warzones to fight other players and that is their only job here... the job is not to make sure that everyone is able to win and everyone gets their "trophies" and feels like they are special.

If you want to get better at warzones I would encourage you to do a couple of things:

Work On Your Gear
The better the gear the better chance you have. A lot of those overpowered players in their "pre-mades" have put in a lot of time and effort to get their gear, why should it be any different for anyone else? We have all done it... and yes, I have endured PUGing warzones for an entire day losing most matches but in the end my reward was another piece of gear that puts me closer to my goal(s).

Join a Guild
Yes, that's right. Maybe if you socialize a little you can find like-minded people to queue with... I understand that some people want to be anti-social and guess what? The price you pay for not wanting to join guilds or be social is that you get to PUG warzones by yourself all the time. There is a very simple solution to it but if you refuse than there really isn't anything I can do about it but I'd love to stop hearing you complain.

Realize You Don't Win Them All
I understand that a lot of you grew up in the "participation trophy" / "no dodgeball since it hurts feelings" era of education and because of this you expect everything in life to be a level playing field but that is sadly not reality. There are always winners and always losers and you just need to keep working at getting better. Sadly a lot of the PUGs I have played with (and probably some people on this thread) won't be any better even with good gear. These people won't even realize it's them... they will blame the game, the warzone or the teammates and never realize they are just NOT GOOD.

For anyone complaining on this thread (or the 15 other threads on the same topic) I would suggest you direct all of your negative, whiny energy towards improving your play-style, gearing your toon up and joining a guild. A month from now if you have done that you will probably have forgotten all your ************ and will be one of the people that everyone here is complaining about. People just need to take responsibility for getting better... it won't be handed to you regardless of what your parents tell you.
Holy goose. So much flawed logic and sentiments in one post that there was no recourse but to respond.

1. Your introduction.

This has nothing to to about carebears or anything like it. It has to do with creating an equal chance to win or lose, as close to it as one can.

Allowing premade groups to team versus a group of random people is not an equal chance, it's about stacking the chance in favor of the premade group.

2. Work on your gear

So your basic sentiment is that you, yourself, fought and lost against all these premades. But in the end you got your gear and your team. So now it is your turn to wield the sword of injustice? By the same logic, you also then, believe that if someone steals from you, you can steal from someone else?

2. Join a guild

So basically, find people to create premade groups to pvp with. In turn, not solving the problem, just become a part of the problem (beneficial side).

3. Realize that you don't win them all

I see nothing wrong here. Except that based on your other information, it's quite clear that you don't look at this from a perspective of solo queuing. Which makes it very hard to tell what you actually mean. I choose to interpret it as "Team up or lose sucker!"

You can't win them all. It's a team based game. There's different skill level among players, there's also different gear level among players. You can't control these unless you play with a team.

And there's the kicker, that's the factor you seem to forget, you create premade teams to control the skill and the gear. Which is why allowing premade groups to play versus groups of random players terribly unfair.

The solution is really simply, group premade teams vs premade teams. Equal footprints for everyone involved. And leave solo queue for the solo queuers.

Should be perfect for everyone involved, except you. Because it's quite clear that you think that if you've gone through something, unfair or not, everyone else should do the same as well. My god. If the world worked that way, we'd still be in the stone age.