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Quote: Originally Posted by Jherad View Post
Woah, a WHOLE 500k? /sarcasm

Here's me getting 830k...

Here's a 770k match:

Or 668k from the other night:

I tear apart puggers - and yet, as probably the top commando on my server, I am still utterly outmatched by the top players of other classes.

At the top end of competitive PvP, DPS Commandos, whether assault or gunnery are outclassed by... well, pretty much everything else. That you, like many other 'commandos are fine!' folks haven't SEEN the top end doesn't mean it isn't a problem.

If you haven't been in matches where the LOWEST total damage from a non-healer was 400k, you haven't seen anything. I'm not attacking you, as you clearly don't know - but I'm sick of having our problems glossed over because for some, mediocrity is enough.
This is why I laugh when BW seem to think our issues all stem from a lack of escape when that simply isn't the case, even left alone we cannot put out 70% of the damage of most other classes I'd even dare say 60% as the few 650k's Ive had have been in WZ when, guards, sents and vanguards have put out 1m +

Yes in PUGS escape may be your primary issue you havent got healers and you havent got people peeling for you but that simply isn't the case when in good teams v good teams our problem then becomes the fact our damage is garbage and easily mitigated if not almost outright shut down in gunnery's case.
"If someone had came up to me in the 80s and said we will
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