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CW. I was chilling on grass lone guard. and this mara from a decent guild shows up. I don't really know him and just out of habit call it. he leaps to me and prolly thinks he's doing great, laying into the rooted commando (meanwhile, I'm typing in ops chat). so I punt him away. los a bit. heal up. spam kolto to heal and slow on cd. the dude's dead by the time help arrives.

he must've been pissed, cuz he tried it three more times, sometimes with a sin buddy. same result (help arrived in time to help kill at least once). I'm bored. so someone tags me. I go mid. same mara hounding me all over the place. dude can't put a dent into my health except when I ignore him to heal the ops.

after a couple mins of futility, the dude says, "krackcommando, stop cheating." iunno what gear the dude had on, but his hp was around 19k and change. so I'm assuming full wh, if not optimized. imagine that. a mara...with all his interrupts, leaving me with nothing but two really lousy instant heals, and he not only couldn't bring me down, but I solo'd him.

dude prolly thought he had me when I used cryo to throw a plasma grenade on him before he popped his god bubble. tsk. that bubble don't help when the guy you're attacking can refresh his own hp bar while yours trickles steadily down. ah. I would consider quitting if a healer regularly solo'd me on my VG. at least the dying sin has the good sense to sprint away.
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