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Pretty much. Perfect example is the Yuuzhan Vong. They went so far left field to introduce a new, overpowered galactic threat that a lot of people (at least a lot of people I've spoken to, not trying to make a generalization here) simply disregard it from EU canon entirely.
And this is why no fans were upset when the news broke that Episodes 7 thru 9 will overwrite this particular part of EU history.

Ironically, doing so does VERY LITTLE on the narrative outside of Anakin Solo's death and Chewie's death, which I'll be the latter getting killed in the movies too, and for EU concerns, Anakin Solo could've died in some other event for all we care. It really doesn't affect too much of the narrative prior to or post. That's pretty sad when a series can alienate itself from its own continuity and when its own creators can look back and ask "*** IS THAT?!"