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Woah, I didn't even see your previous post. Great minds think alike, eh?

Though the difference between Exar Kun and say...Darth Caedus is that way too much effort was made in trying to make Jacen all unique and all-powerful and ****** and whatnot. Exar Kun was considered a great character because writers didn't try to beat you over the head with his awesomeness.
That's pretty much what the writers do these days. Honestly I feel Darth Malgus as a bigger threat than Darth Vitiate, even though he's lived for a thousand years and has god like powers.

Problem most writers have these days is that a. they try too hard to get you invested into their characters and b. they ignore the most basic rule when it comes to writing: The KISS rule: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

Lol. But yeah I totally agree that great minds think alike :P. I figured "ok if placating them with real world explanations is too much for their tiny minds, might as well bust out the in-canon..."