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There are a few you have available to you. The TH-17A series and the RD-17A series of schematics are for heavy armor users, the RD-07A and TH-07A are for medium users. All have fixed stats, and all follow the prefix RE path if you want to waste mats on trying to get Tier 2 schematics for them. At level 50, there are also the Electrum Onslaught (heavy armor) and Polyplast Ultramesh (medium armor) series that cover all the main 7 pieces of armor -- head, chest, wrists, hands, waist, legs and feet -- if you manage to get them. A lot come from Underworld Trading mission crits, maybe some from investigation crits tho I can't say because I haven't paid enough attention. In any event, most can be found pretty cheaply on the GTN, with the exception of a few uncommon ones. The devs actually have fixed the issue so that when you look at a schematic for sale on the GTN, if you don't know it and can learn it it will show up "light blue" and if you already know it or can't use it, it will show up dark blue. Same as if they were in your inventory.
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