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Such is the cycle of the Force. You can never truly destroy the Jedi anymore than you can truly destroy the Sith.

Destroy their power base and influence in the galaxy and reduce their numbers to 2 or 3? That you CAN do.

But because of sheer arrogance on both sides, they don't bother to completely wipe out the teachings and one always rises, sparking a new Jedi or new Sith Order.

Traya and Sidious are the 2 closest to ever utterly snuffing out the Jedi.

And on the Jedi side, that distinction falls to Revan and Luke Skywalker.

They will always come extremely close, but something will always stir. It is the will of the Force.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeell...less so because of sheer arrogance, more to do with EU writers dragging them out of the grave kicking and screaming. Keep in mind, EU continuity originally stated that the Sith were done and dusted, and completely wiped off the map. The closest anyone got to a proper Sith revival was the whole Scepter of Ragnos arc in Jedi Academy, or Exar Kun's spirit in the Jedi Academy trilogy.

Huh, never ntoiced that before. But yeah, Dark/Fallen Jedi and Sith spirits were the standard enemy for ages. The Sith were, for a long time, simply not allowed post Galactic Civil War.
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